eBay STAR Developer Awards EJ Bantz Seller Machine

Congrats to all the winners #1 is our friend and guest, EJ Bantz from Seller machine. Way to go, EJ and big congrats.

You can listen to EJs interview by clicking here and listening to Episode 8.You can also use the podcast pickle widget on any page to listenn to Episode 8. EJ, we are so happy for you and hope to have you back on for an interview soon.

2009 Award winners include:

DSR Rockstar: Seller Machine CRM by BengalOne
Most Innovative: Dynamic pricing feature by Monsoon
Early Adopter: Mercent Retail for eBay by Mercent
Service to the Developer Community: Jake Becker (helios825) of WatchCount.comSellerMachine-Logo-217×75 Rapid Evolution: Sales Manager by InkFrog
2009 Runners-up include:

DSR Rockstar: Instant mobile alerts for sellers by ahTEXT Most Innovative: Vendio Research by Vendio
Early Adopter: Detailed records of DSR scores by DSR Report Service to the Developer Community: David Kronenwetter (exdwh) of Experimenters Discount Warehouse Rapid Evolution: ShipRush by Z-Firm
I also want to give a big SHOUT OUT to our friends at Vendio who were on the show on Episode 15 and you can check that out. For their truly witty, sarcastic and Hilarious Press Release about their runner-up status.

Adorned in his “Second Place is the First Loser” t-shirt, EVP Mike Effle humbly accepted the award and vowed to drive on toward 2010. He was later caught in the hallway of eBay’s Developer’s Conference muttering something about Vendio’s previous victories in this competition, being the only ones with eBay Motors data, and having started Research years ago even before eBay knew such analytics were useful to the Marketplace.