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Melinda Jackson, aka The Melinda, Host RRB Radio eCommerce Podcast Uncle Joe Adamson, Co-Host RRB Radio eBay eCommerce PodcastJoin your Host Melinda Jackson (THE Melinda) & Co-host Uncle Joe Adamson on RRB Radio Wednesday’s 8:08 pm EST as they welcome expert guests & let’s talk eCommerce!!  We speak your language!  We discuss all issues related to The River (Amazon), The Ranch (Bonanzle) & The Bay (eBay).   Come & chat with us in the live chat room on Talkshoe, Call ID 34406.  Just go to http://RRBradio.com Wednesday’s at 8:08 p.m. Eastern time. Be sure to follow @RRBradio on Twitter Also,  Join our Facebook Fan Page for RRB Radio!!

Enjoy this Video filmed by eBay in Las Vegas in June of 2009! I am eBay! That’s Melinda narrating halfway into the video! RRB Radio is dedicated to helping online sellers succeed in eCommerce!  We bring you experts, tools, and tips that help sellers grow their business.  We keep it fun, and you will learn at least one new tip with every show! We welcome callers to join us and share their struggles and successes! RRB Radio is honored to have had such esteemed guests as Richard Brewer-Hay of eBayInkBlog, Janelle Elms of OSI Rock Stars, Cindy Shebley of WebSellerCircle, Mark Dorsey of Bonanzle, Denise Hogue of Terapeak, Eric Nash of Stamps.com, Marc Gorlin of Kabbage.com, John Lawson of ColderICE.com, Ryan Mulcher Director of eBay Mobile, and many many more.  Enjoy the archived shows 24/7 at your leisure!

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