Skip McGrath visits Dallas eBaybes eMales TONIGHT 03-28-12

Tonight, the Dallas eBaybes and eMales, eBays first local seller group, welcomes Skip McGrath, author, educator, blogger and ecommerce coach. who will present on eBay and Amazon  Any sellers in the DFW area are welcome to join Meetup and join us for dinner, ecommerce presentations on eBay and Amazon, and cocktails

eCommerce Podcast RRB Radio jpg eBaybes & eMales eBay Seller Group photo Dinner With Jim Griffith "Griff"celebrating the local ecommerce seller groups 10th Anniversary.  Founder Stephanie Inge has lead this group through all the adventures of selling online over the last ten years, and has been dedicated to helping sellers grow their business by bringing expert guests and educational classes to her group.  Members who attend this evening enjoy an added bonus guests of Chris Green, Founder of FBA Power, returns to Dallas to help local sellers sell on Amazon via FBA with ease, and author of Retail Arbitrage, will be a special guest, joining the celebration of local Dallas  sellers and will be answering anyquestions members may have on buying and selling on Amazon and FBA.  This is a star studded event, featuring food, fun, eBay and FBA, with a few cocktails sprinkled around to keep spirits high and celebrate the 10th year of eBaybes and Skip McGraths visit back to Dallas.

For those of you lucky enough to have joined us live last week on RRB Radio, we were honored to have Skip on RRB Radio for two long segments full of great selling tips, both eBay and Amazon, customer service, and even sourcing and bundling tips