Jen Cano of Hammertap on RRB Radio Weds 12-16-09 8 pm ET

Jen Cano of Hammertap joined The River the Ranch and the Bay (RRB Radio) with “What’s Hot on eBay” and updates on where Zhu Zhu pet sales are now! This was a great show! Jen gave us an update on the famous, or should I say infamous, Zhu Zhu Pets, the adorable toy hamsters elusive to buyers in local stores as eBayers raked shelves and sold them on eBay
Its a Hamster Holiday, complete with a heat map, a visual indicator of all U.S.-based transactions that occurred on eBay from November 1 to November 30, 2009.

After a few hamster giggles, Jen gives RRB Radio listeners research information on bibles that is money in the bank! Jens tips include, what bibles are selling for the most money, what features to look for, what is the average sell through rate (STR) for bibles on eBay, and so much more. Finally she gives tips for selling depression glass and salt and pepper shakers, and what color glass sells the best. We have had the honor of having Jen Cano on RRB Radio several times in recent months, be sure to check out the archives of 11-11-09 and 11-18-09 for more research tips, and how important research is to selling items on eBay!