John Lawson KEYNOTE, Phoenix eTailers Conference, eCommerce Event April 25-27, 2014

RRB Radio, a sponsor and Host of the Phoenix eTailers Conference, announces John Lawson, of ColderICE, KEYNOTE for 1st annual Phoenix eTailers Conference April 25-27, 2014.EVENT-Banner-all-004.png

Phoenix eTailers Conference

Date: April 25, 26 27th, 2014
Place:  Radisson Fort McDowell Resort & Casino in Scottsdale, AZ
Organizers:  Melinda Jackson and Sandy Salz-Johnson

RRB Radio hosts John Lawson KEYNOTE Phoenix eTailers Conference eCommerce Event John Lawson is the author of “Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-Preneurs” published February 2014 by Ben Bella Books. He is the CEO of 3rd Power Outlet, an online clothing retailer, which has executed more than 300,000 online transactions and garnered nearly $30 million dollars in sales. He is the Chief Consultant at ColderICE Media, a digital marketing firm.  He’s not just another talking head! As editor of the industry leading blog and host of his online show, John dispenses his down-to-earth wisdom in a matter-of-fact manner that charms, entertains and enthralls his audiences. His easy humor, combined with his concrete knowledge and expertise in Social Commerce, marketing and business coupled with his ability to convey complex concepts in an understandable language, has made him ‘the toast of the town’ on the world wide speaking circuit.

Speakers Include: John ColderICE Lawson, Janelle Elms, Brandon Dupsky, Cliff Ennico, Debra Conrad, Charlene Anderson, Michael Franco, Karen Estrin, Sally Milo, Hernan Charry, Olivia DeMoss, Melinda Jackson, and Sandy Salz-Johnson & Kathleen Manning.

Topics of Conference include: State of the Industry/Multi-Channel Imperative, eBay’s Cassini Search, Optimizing Your Listings, Legal & Tax Issues for the eCommerce Entrepreneur, Building a World Class eCommerce Business, Building Your Brand & eBay Stores, Know Your Customer: Understanding Google Analytics, Do It Yourself SEO, Legal Issues of Social Media, Buying Time: How can paying a VA make me money?, How Blogs Can Increase Sales, Building a Basic WordPress Blog, Got Glee? The Power of Laughter, Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Links, Amazon Bundling Basics And Advanced Strategies, Amazon For Ebay Sellers, Amazon FBA/MCF?, Public Domain & PLR, and so much more.

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2014 eBay Spring Seller Update ~ New Seller Performance Standards

Starting with the August 20 monthly seller evaluation, a new measure, the transaction defect rate (“defect rate”), will replace the current four individual detailed seller rating requirements in evaluating seller performance. This new rating may impact your status. Get details on the 2014 Spring Seller Update.

The defect rate is the percentage of a seller’s transactions with one or more of the specific defects most predictive of buyers leaving eBay or spending less. A maximum 5% defect rate will be the minimum standard for all sellers and a maximum 2% defect rate is required to be a Top Rated Seller.

  • The defect rate is simply the percentage of a seller’s successful transactions that have one or more of the following transaction-related defects, the top predictors that a buyer will leave eBay or buy less:
    • Detailed seller rating of 1, 2 or 3 for item as described
    • Detailed seller rating of 1 for shipping time
    • Negative or neutral feedback
    • Return initiated for a reason that indicates the item was not as described
    • eBay Money Back Guarantee (previously known as eBay Buyer Protection) or PayPal Purchase Protection case opened for an item not received or an item not as described
    • Seller-cancelled transactions

The assurance of convenient returns is key for successful online retailers. eBay will continue to make returns more efficient for sellers and buyers. Updates coming this summer make it easier and more cost-effective than ever to use your return policy to increase sales:

  • Updates to eBay hassle-free returns make this an even more efficient and cost-effective way to offer and manage returns.
  • A new extended holiday returns option helps you win sales from the fast growing legions of online holiday buyers. This new option extends the return deadline to January 31 for any sales from November 1 through December 31.

For more information


DSR’s on eBay No Longer Anonymous to Sellers!

Feedback is key to keeping eBay a trusted marketplace and a great place to buy. When you make a purchase, and then rate your experience in the areas of communication, shipping time, shipping cost, and item description, you’re helping your seller and eBay ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

While the current system of anonymous ratings provides sellers a general indication about their service, they need details to address any issues effectively. For example, if a seller’s ratings indicate their packages take too long to arrive, it will help them take the right action if they know the issue is with shipments to a specific geographical region.

Sellers will soon be able to get reports that provide this kind of detailed information. Starting in late April, detailed seller ratings will no longer be anonymous. Sellers will be able to run reports telling them which of their transactions received low detailed seller ratings.

With this change, sellers will be able to make much better use of the ratings to continually refine their selling practices—and deliver the great service you expect. So please continue to leave ratings and feedback that honestly and fairly reflect your buying experience!

See more at:

Terapeak’s Customer Experience Manager Matt Brossard on RRB Radio 06-26-13

Terapeak eBay Marketplace Research on eCommerce Podcast RRB Radio

RRB Radio is honored to welcome Matt Brossard, Customer Experience Manager at Terapeak, to share with our listeners the details of their product launch this week, Terapeak for Amazon!! Matt will share the details of their new product and take questions from the chatroom!!  He will be with us for at least two segments, so come with your questions and we will see you in the chatroom.

Join RRB Radio on Talkshoe LIVE Weds 8:08 p.m. Eastern Time 06-26-13

eBay’s Director of Government Relations, Brian Bieron, Urges Sellers to ACT NOW on Pending Internet Sales Tax Legislation

Brian Bieron, Director eBay Government Relations eBay Main Street Sales Tax Issue Guest on RRB Radio eCommerce Podcast

RRB Radio was honored to welcome Brian Bieron, Director of Government Relations for eBay and PayPal as our guest this episode.  This episode is of utmost importance to eBay sellers as there is impending legislation currently being debated that will require online sellers to pay internet sales tax to all states.  Brian urges eBay sellers to act, and act now before congress passes legislation that will unfairly burden small businesses selling online.  Call your senators now to oppose the passing of this legislation without a $10M exemption to protect small sellers, and let our voices be heard.

John Donahoe, President and CEO of eBay, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal recently on this issue.  He believes that small businesses are vastly different from billion-dollar retailers, and may be crushed by tax collection burdens. Click here to see the entire WSJ article:  John Donahoe: The Mom & Pop Internet Sales Tax.

Do not delay, listen today!  Please share this episode with your online friends via social media to get the word out.  This episode of RRB Radio is so very important to eBay sellers, we hope you take a moment to contact your senators right away.  Together, we are a Voice and we can make a difference! Listen to Brian Bieron’s segment and find out how you can make a difference before it’s too late.

Use player above, or CLICK HERE to LISTEN via flash free link to the Brian Bieron Interview on any smart phone or device!

sharon mcbride ebay government relations eBay Guest on RRB Radio eCommerce Podcast re sales tax legislation

Sharon McBride, Director, Global External Affairs & Operations – Government Relations for eBay, visited the local Dallas eBaybes & eMales eBay Seller Group last week to meet with online sellers to inform local sellers on the issue, and advise on how to get involved and be heard on this issue.  Sharon provided several great resources, links, and a couple PDF’s that are very helpful in understanding the issues, and how you can ACT NOW to help prevent this Marketplace Fairness Act (marketplace unfairness act) from passing.  It has never come this far, and she urges sellers to call their congressmen, and be sure to sign up for eBay Main Street.

See links below, feel free to print these and share with your local eBay seller group members.

eBay Main Street Internet Sales Tax Fact Sheet

eBay Main Street eBay Myth-Fact Sheet

eBay Main Street WeRHere Info Sheets

Join eBay Main Street on Facebook ~ eBay Inc. Main Street is a global network of ecommerce advocates run by the eBay Inc. Government Relations team. Main Street members are updated on public policy matters that may affect their ability to buy and sell online.

Here is a video of Brian Bieron’s recent appearance on PBS debating the issue:

More About eBay Main Street:


Today, more than 100 million individuals buy and sell things on eBay globally, totaling $60 billion in merchandise traded each year. eBay is the world’s largest engine for reuse, with over $100 billion in used items traded since 1998. And more than 110 million customers globally rely on PayPal, one of the world’s leading global payment companies, to safely and quickly make purchases and exchange money in 190 markets using 25 different currencies. As more and more small businesses begin to trade and export goods globally, eBay Inc. Main Street works to protect the interests of those whose livelihoods depend on the preservation of an open and prosperous business environment.

Company Overview

Founded in 1995, eBay provides a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything.The eBay community includes 86.3 million active registered users from around the world, making it the most popular shopping destination on the Internet. Every day, there are millions of items listed for sale on eBay. People come to the eBay marketplace to buy and sell items in thousands of categories including antiques, art, books, business & industrial equipment, cars & other vehicles, computers & electronics, and home furnishings.

eBay Seller Protection’s Team Rich Matsuura and Jonathan Haney on RRB Radio 03-20-13

ebay seller protection team 03-20-13 on RRB Radio show 001

We were honored to welcome Rich Matsuura Director of Seller Protection, and Jonathan Haney, Senior Manager of eBay’s Seller Protection Team this episode.  Rich and Jonathan shared many ways that eBay protects sellers behind the scenes, makes changes to our seller feedback, and much much more.  Thanks to them both for coming on our eCommerce Podcast RRB Radio and rewarding listeners with a brand new eBay t-shirt for getting the correct answer!!  Thanks to all the sellers who joined us in the chatroom, your participation contributes so much to our show!  We will get the replay up very soon, so check back soon.

Show recorded LIVE on Weds March 20, 2013, Replay to be posted soon!

Visit these eBay pages to learn more about eBay’s Seller Protection Program:

Check out this great PDF from Seller Protection

Visit the eBay Seller Protection Resources Page

Click HERE to join us on TalkShoe for live shows and replays

eBay 2013 Spring Seller Release, Fee Update and eBay Stores SR1

2013 SR1 eBay  Stores Fee Structure announcement picEBay announces their 2013 Spring Seller Update, which streamlines eBay’s listing and final value fee structure, and gives all sellers free listings every month!  This update simplifies the fee structure, and gives sellers even more reasons to subscribe to eBay Stores, which has always been a great value of features to help sellers market their brand and sell their products.  A few highlights in the announcement are FREE Scheduling of listings up to 3000 for 3 weeks ahead, and FREE Buy It Now on Auction listings. See the links below for more info. RRB Radio will soon have a special edition show to discuss the changes and how they will work for your eBay business!

eBay’s Fee Illustrator ~ Helps sellers determine eBay Stores Subscription Level

eBay’s Business Help Center

eBay Seller Checklist

eBay vs. Amazon Fee Comparison Chart

A Letter from Christopher Payne

Christopher Payne Talks about eBay’s Spring Seller Release, Fee Update

2013 SR1 eBay  Stores Fee Structure





RRB Radio Guest Peggy Duncan on Organizing Your Online Business 01-16-13

Peggy Duncan Guest on RRB Radio eCommerce Podcast for your eBay Business

We were honored to welcome back on RRB Radio Peggy Duncan to chat with us about organizing our online business to be more productive!

She’s a personal productivity expert, speaker, trainer, consultant, coach, and author.  She was formally trained at IBM and was recognized by the chairman for streamlining processes that saved the company close to a million dollars a year.

She shared lots of tips on getting organized, how to be more efficient, and more productive.  Peggy also spoke on marketing your business using YouTube and Google+ to boost your SEO to get to page one of Google!  Check out  Peggy’s YouTube Channel for many more tips and tricks to organize and market your online business.  Enjoy the replay!

CLICK HERE to enjoy the REPLAY on Talkshoe (flash free link)!

RRB Radio Interviews Rich Matsura, Director of eBay Seller Protection

Rich Matsura Dir. of eBay Seller Protection RRB Radio Guest eCommerce PodcastWe were honored to welcome Rich Matsura, Director of eBay Seller Protection, on RRB Radio to talk about eBay’s Seller Protection Program.  He shares details of how eBay Seller Protection looks out for sellers, how sellers can protect themselves throughout the transaction, and where sellers can go to report bad buyers.  EBay has now made it easier to report buyers, and shows sellers changes to their feedback and cases in their Seller Dashboard.  Listen to the replay HERE to get all the details from Rich Matsura on how eBay’s Seller Protection helps sellers.